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Alliance Veterans Retreat



PTSD creates changes you don’t choose, healing creates change you do choose.

Alliance Veteran PTSD Retreat offers a unique opportunity through remote adventures, workshops, trauma informed yoga and meditation, to help treat and bridge the gaps in Post-Traumatic Stress Injuries and Operational Stress Injury recovery.  Mental health trauma is very complex, and recovery is a continuous multi-layered process. Our program assists veterans and first responders by incorporating the four key elements that the program principals were designed around: 


Trust. Camaraderie. Communication. Respect.

Through our program design, we focus specifically on: community through team building, camaraderie, wellness through yoga/meditation, peer counseling and adventure. They are guided alongside peer support mentors who are veterans who have been there and understand the struggle.  It is a familiar but challenging environment that responders and veterans relate to, adding additional support on their continued path to recovery.  In addition to the services that veteran and responder associations offer, we incorporate a new element for continuing the wellness journey, one that gives back to those who have sacrificed so that we may all live the life we do.  

Our Services

 Fostering the bridge between "living, and living well".

Fostering the bridge between living, and living well for men & women affected by Post Traumatic Stress or Operational Stress Injuries

Trust. Camaraderie. Communication. Respect.

 We promote positive mental health and physical wellness through adventure programming,  yoga, meditation,

and mindful workshops.

As far as YOU can get from the everyday without leaving our planet.