Give back to those who have given so much

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When service defines your family, finding new ways to serve and give back is almost second nature. That is why Cummings Highlands Eco-Resort Inc, decided to do just that. Instilled in the core of a member is  "no one is left behind", thus our program, and our doors are open to all Veterans, Serving Members and First Responders affected with PTSD or OSI from operational service. 


Alliance Adventure Retreat relies on the generous donations of people like you to help subsidize the program and its participants. Your generous, tax deductible donation (where applicable) to Alliance Adventure Retreat will help with the lives of injured warriors and first responders. 100% of your donation will be utilized for therapeutic adventure programming. Your support will help to bring independence back to the deserving men and women who have selflessly sacrificed so much in service of others.

We know it’s important to you that your donation is being used efficiently. That’s why we stay committed to accountability and financial transparency in our mission to serve Veterans and First Responders. As a Registered Canadian Non Profit Corporation our financial reporting is fiscal, and the generated reports provide an overview of our financial information, achievements, and future financial program goals.


Proudly we also offer subsidized accommodations at Cummings Highlands Eco Resort for all Military and First responders, if they make their way to us outside of the PTSD program.   This is another way can personally give back for their sacrifice and  dedicated service.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you as Registered Non Profit Corporation in Canada, and can you provide official receipts?

A. Yes Alliance Veterans PTSD Retreat is a Canadian Registered Non Profit Corporation 1153978-7, and can provide official receipts for your donations.

Q.  How will my one time  PayPal donation be utilized?

A.  All donations are accepted and deposited into the Corporation Non Profit  bank account  of Alliance Veterans PTSD Retreat located at  Royal Bank Colwood Plaza 110-1880 Island Hwy, Colwood, BC V9B 1J2.

Cummings Highlands Eco Resort Inc.,  PNB Bank Odiongan, Tablas Island, Romblon Philippines 5505.  Government Issued Receipts will be sent via email.  With PayPal you or your company also will receive an immediate receipt upon your transaction. 

Q:  When will my credit card first be charged?

A:   Monthly charges occur once per month. Your first online gift is charged to your credit card on the date your transaction is made. All subsequent monthly charges occur around the 20 day of the month. 

Q:   Once I’ve made an online gift, how can I make changes to my account (e.g., change gift amount, change my credit card number, change billing information, change contact information)?

A:   Please email 

• Changes received the first week of the month are effective in the current month.

• Changes received after the first week of the month are effective in the following month.


Q: How can I notify you if I need to stop giving?

A:  If you would like to stop your monthly gift, please email

Cancellations received … * first week of the month = effective in the current month * after the first week of the month = effective in the following month

Q: Will I receive verification of my donations for tax purposes?

A:  In January, all monthly donors receive an annual statement reflecting the prior year’s total contributions. You also will receive an immediate receipt upon your Paypal transaction. Please keep these for your records and accounting purposes. If you need a statement prior to the annual email date, please contact us, we will gladly send one at your request.

Contact us if you have any questions. 

Email: or +639 21 366 6152