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“What we think, we become.”
                                       - Buddha -

At Alliance Veteran PTSD Retreat, we provide a peer-support based adventure wellness program for veterans. Our mentors are our amazing facilitators to set the stage for success, while adding additional support if required. We help veterans build connectedness and establish trust through adventure activities and personal growth workshops. Yoga and meditation are key components of our program to further aid in relaxation, mindfulness, and self-discovery. Our retreats are designed to create an environment that cultivates both individual and collective healing.

 Let's now get started by sharing some key details about our program.    

 Intake documents documents required for the program include:

  1. Medical Form (Must be signed  by your attending  Psychologist, Psychiatrist or family doctor to confirm you are medically able to attend the program)

  2. About Me 

  3. Media Release

  4. Liability Release

  5. Veteran Identification

  6. Emergency Contact

  7. Medical Insurance with Covid - 19  Coverage

  •  Alliance Veterans Retreat is a unique tertiary peer-support based adventure wellness program. Mentors are our amazing facilitators to set the stage for success, while adding additional support if required.  However our success is based on a peer support program.

  • The ROTO  team, mentors and staff feel connected and establish trust through adventure activities and personal growth workshops.

  • Workshops have been carefully created to promote resilience, empowerment and reflection as well as strategies for continued wellness success.

  • Yoga and meditation are specifically designed to treat PTSD. They enhance gentle exercise and prana breath, which reduce anxiety and create stillness in the mind. This provides tools to help you reduce stress.

  • Participants can give back to the community and feel a sense that they have a greater purpose through our community outreach.

  • Working with your hands is a powerful way to build team and sustain organic living. The program's calming and grounding effects include learning about local culture and spending time in nature with its organic and sustainable gardens.

  • Mentors are there to support personal growth by helping people re-establish their vital aspects.

  • For those who require extra companionship, our program has unofficial onsite emotional support dogs.

  How The Program Works

AVR’s adventure-based activities are an important part of wellness therapy in addition to relaxation, and other self- care amenities offered.  Our empowerment-based adventure program is a unique experience based around the therapeutic benefits of the adventure experience along with a common ground approach.  This helps our participants detect emotions that can be shared in a safe supportive environment, with mentors and peers who understand, and work through together if required.

It’s easier to share about the impacts of trauma when you feel supported by your peers and mentors.  Trust is formed with your mentors and is built throughout the retreat amongst participants, who quickly become your team mates. This holistic approach has been proven to help veterans achieve significant, sustainable results within a relatively short time frame - you will be taking home more than memories, you will be taking home life lessons, insights about yourself, calming techniques and a new confidence to use as you move forward.

We believe in and maintain an inclusive program that is open to all veterans serving members of the armed forces, and RCMP that are affected by PTSD and OSI. Our program supports the betterment of women, LGBTQ2+, and Indigenous veterans. The program will not discriminate against or deny support to an individual who identifies as one of the aforementioned groups. Additionally, board of director member and mentor, Jani Drew is a member of the indigenous community which assist in developing programs and strategies that cater to people from those communities; ensuring that cultural beliefs are maintained and respected. We support the LGBTQ2+ through our program promotion of a safe and inclusive environment for all, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. Our program creates a safe space for peer support and diversity in the LGBTQ veteran community.

  Our Program Costs

At AVR's 10 Day Retreat, we offer a comprehensive and all-inclusive program at Cummings Highlands Resort in Tuguis, Looc, Romblon. Our program costs just $1700.00 CDN (excluding airfare) for 10 days of restorative wellness activities, yoga classes, and delicious meals. Please note that due to the nature of the program, its location, and distance to travel, we do not accept service dogs.

Yoga 6 Best photo 2.jpg
Getting Started

1. Interviews via Skype/Phone from Cindy Cummings Program Director

This is an important step. This is a great way to get to know each other a little better. Information from your application will allow us to accommodate you as best we can to ensure your success.

2. Program Materials

Your Welcome Package contains an AVR Program Guide, which outlines daily activities, locations, and a personal journal. We also give you a retreat tee-shirt and a welcome gift.

3. Lodging

Poolside Cabins. Visit the website! (Private or shared) Please advise if you have any medical sleep disturbances. We will try to accommodate separate lodging however this is not always possible.

4. Food

Your 10-day menu program includes 3 meals per day, fresh farm produce, fresh market foods, and some Western favorites. We can accommodate vegetarians and gluten free,  but we do not offer vegan options. Daily activities are not permitted to bring alcohol.

5. Adventure Excursions

We handle all logistics, field planning and permits. We also provide the equipment necessary for each day's adventure, including safety supplies. We are accompanied by qualified adventure guides who will take you to amazing places.

6. Relaxation

We are certain that you will feel relaxed and embrace the healing properties of this program, regardless of whether it is a yoga or meditation class taught by certified yoga instructors, walking through the beautiful tropical touring gardens, or spending time in the pool.

7. Self- Care

We partner with a registered massage therapist to offer a paid service for therapeutic massage. For self-help and other resources, visit our library nook. We offer creative and alternative ways to express ourselves through art, music, native cuisine lessons, daily journal writing, and other team adventures.

8. Mentors

Mentors are there to support you every day, and they will be there to help you through each step. These sunsets are amazing and provide the backdrop for group discussion time. This inevitably includes laughter, camaraderie, and support from mentors and peers who "get you". Mentors provide a natural conversation for "check-in" every day but are available to chat with you one-on-one if needed.

*Please be reminded this is a peer support program.  Mentors, staff, and facilitators do not hold any professional medical certification in Psychology nor Psychiatrist .

9. Transportation.

We will meet the team on Tablas Island  outside the Tugdan airport, where we will then depart to Cummings Highlands Eco Resort to get the team settled in.


Whats not Included

Airfare from your closest international airport to Manila, as well as the connection from Manila to Tugdan Airport Tablas Island Romblon. Travel insurance with Covid coverage. (Must provide documentation).

We also offer veterans to arrive earlier to Cummings Highlands Eco Resort if they wish to do so. Costs for the additional housing would be determined at the time of the program & flights booking


How to Pay

1. Upon completion of your intake documents and video call,  a non-refundable deposit of $850.00 is required to secure your attendance. You will be provided an official receipt for your deposit

2. Final payment of the ROTO program total; $850.00 is required no later than 14 days after your non-refundable deposit


Slaughter cave group photo.jpg
Important Travel Information

You are responsible for bringing your own medication or nutritional supplements.  Medical support are onsite however they cannot prescribe narcotics for you while in country.

  • Although Marijuana is legal in Canada/USA and may be part of your treatment plan, you can not bring it with you.

  • Please consult your doctor prior to departure for medical alternatives if required.


Contact Us And Apply Today

Thank You, our team will be in contact!

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