“What we think, we become.”
                                       - Buddha -
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Greetings From Alliance Adventure Veteran Retreat (AAVR).  Deciding to take the step to inquire or apply to AAR likely wasn’t easy – we’ve heard that from other veterans, and we're glad your here.  Now let’s get going by filling you in on some important details about ROTO 3.


Our 14-day wellness retreat encompasses:
  • Our adventure activities engender camaraderie, trust, communication, and respect among the team

  • Our workshops promote resilience, empowerment, reflection, and strategies for ongoing wellness success.

  • Yoga and meditation (specific to treat PTSD) which enhances gentle exercise and prana breathing which address anxiety, creates stillness of the mind and provides tools to reduce stress

  • Our community outreach  providing a way for participants to give back, and gain a sense of a greater purpose

  • Team building and sustainable organic living practices proved that working with your hands can be a powerful thing - it’s a good way to clear the mind and focus. Learning about local culture and being close to nature with onsite organic and sustainable gardens is part of the calming and grounding effect of the program.

  • The mentors’ role is to help re-establish these vital aspects in an understanding, compassionate, non-judgmental way that supports personal growth. 

  • Our program also has onsite emotional support animals for those who may require additional companionship while staying with us.

How it Works

AAVR’s adventure-based activities are an important part of wellness therapy in addition to relaxation, and other self- care amenities offered. 


Our empowerment-based adventure program is a unique experience based around the therapeutic benefits of the adventure experience along with a common ground approach.  This helps our participants access emotions that can be shared in a safe supportive environment, with mentors and peers who understand, and work through together if required.


It’s easier to share about the impacts of trauma when you feel supported by mentors.  Trust is formed with your mentors and is built throughout the retreat amongst participants, who quickly become your team mates. 


This holistic approach has been proven to help veterans achieve significant, sustainable results within a relatively short time frame - you will be taking home more than memories, you will be taking home life lessons, insights about yourself, calming techniques and a new confidence to use as you move forward.

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About Our Retreat

AAVR’s 14 Day Retreat is located at the beautiful Cummings Highlands Resort in Tuguis, Looc, Romblon (https://www.cummingshighlands1.com/) on Tablas Island. The *all-inclusive cost* for the 14-day retreat is $1000.00 CDN or $755.00 USD  (*excluding airfare*)

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Getting Started

1. Skype/Phone interviews from Program Director or Mentor.

This is the important first step. It’s a good way to get to know one another a bit, and information from your application will help us to make sure we accommodate you as much as possible to ensure your success.

2. Program Materials.

When you arrive, your Welcome Package includes an AAVR  Program Guide that outlines daily activities and locations, and we give you a personal journal to encourage self -reflection along a retreat t-shirt, hat and welcome gift.

3. Lodging.

Poolside Cabins (varies).  Check out the website! (varies private or shared)

4. Food

 Your 14-day Menu Program includes:  3 meals a day, our own farm fresh produce, market fresh foods used in tasty local dishes, international foods, along with some western favorites.  While we can accommodate a vegetarian diet, a vegan option is not available. No Alcohol permitted.

5. Adventure Excursions.

We take care of all the logistics, field planning, permits, provide equipment needed for each day’s adventure including necessary safety supplies.  Qualified adventure guides lead us to incredible places safely.

6. Relaxation.

Whether it’s a yoga or meditation class provided by certified yoga instructors, strolling through the amazing tropical touring gardens, spending time  swimming in the pool, art and music therapy, we are sure will find yourself relaxing, and most certainly will embrace the healing properties of the program. 

7. Self- Care.

Therapeutic massage is available and we partner with a local Registered Massage Therapist.  Check out our library nook for self -help and other resources. Along with our amazing team adventures we also offer alternative and creative ways to express yourself through: art, music native cuisine lessons, and daily journal writing. 

8. Mentors.

Every day mentors participate right along with you, and are there to support you every step of the way.  Sunsets are incredible here, and are the back drop for group talk time that inevitably includes laughter and camaraderie amongst peers and mentors who ‘get you’.  Mentors have a daily "check in" session, but offer themselves to be available for one-on-one chats when you may need.

9. Transportation.

We will welcome in Manila or Tugdan Airport (Tugdan, is your first arrival point on beautiful Tablas Island.)  We’ll drive to Cummings Highlands Eco Resort and get you settled in.

*We take care of all transportation needed for our exciting adventures and excursions.

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Whats not Included

Airfare from your closest international airport to Manila, as well as the connection from there to Tablas Island. Travel Insurance (must provide documentation).

*Your efforts and commitment to raising the travel cost here is appreciated - it helps us remain a non-profit endeavor that relies upon grants, corporate sponsors and donations*

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How to Pay

Your supporting VAC/VA  program, sponsors, donators, or you will be paying $1000.00 CDN  or $775.00 USD to Alliance Adventure Veteran Retreat (in partnership with) Cummings Highlands Inc. (Bank transfer, credit card, Visa, MasterCard).

Our Program Manager will work with your VAC or VA representative, or one-on-one with you  (if requested) with information and details on how  to arrange your flight(s) from your closest international airport.   


 If you are a veteran or  first responder who may be limited to resources or long application wait times for funding with the local  VA or VAC office,  we have  attached some links to assist in possibly obtaining additional funding for our program above our fundraising subsidies. 

Please check out the links below for subsidy or fund raising suggestion that may be beneficial to you. Fund Raising Information:




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Important Travel Information

You are responsible for bringing your own medication or nutritional supplements.  Medical staff are onsite however they cannot prescribe narcotics for you while in country.

  • Although Marijuana is legal in Canada/USA and may be part of your treatment plan, you can not bring it with you.

  • Please consult your doctor prior to departure for medical alternatives if required.


If you have any questions on how to register, or regarding the program please contact Cynthia Cummings, Program Director at allianceadventureretreat@gmail.com or cummingshighlands@gmail.com