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"Our mentors aren't people who are older or more experienced than you are, they are the men and women who understand your struggle and truly care about you and your recovery. Their mission is to support, guide, and work with you in your continued journey to wellness"

Wayne Cummings,

Program Founder

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Wayne Cummings

Wayne is a 25 Year Army Veteran, Physician Assistant with a Bachelor Degree in Science.  He has multiple tours in his service of Canada. He   founded Alliance Veterans PTSD Retreat in 2014, and sits on the Board of Directors of it's Canadian non-profit organization. He is the Medical Authority for the program, and Lead Mentor. His medical experience also encompasses Certified Instructor for First Aid, CPR (level C), AED. He is a  PADI Advanced diver, qualified in both Dive & Advanced Dive Medicine, and he has additional backgrounds in rappelling, & mountaineering . 

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 Cynthia is the Alliance Veterans Retreat Program Director, and sits on AVR Board of Directors.  Cynthia  is the co- owner of Cummings Highlands Eco Resort  and The Nifty Thrift Shop in Victoria BC, that solely supports veteran PTSD programming.  She is the founder of the Yoga Alliance accredited school  Katahimikan Yoga, holding  the 200H YA Certification, specializing as in Trauma Specific yoga and is certified as a  Warriors at Ease Level 1 Instructor. She provides the iRest Yoga Nidera meditation practice for mindfulness in the  program.  She holds certificates in  Mental Health first Aid, Wilderness First Aid, CPR  and is a  volunteer with the Philippine Red Cross. 

Cynthia Cummings

Jani Drew

 Jani sits on the Board of Directors of Alliance Veterans Retreat, and is a Senior Mentor, who is from Nanaimo B.C. She is a retired Military Police Officer, and Emergency Program Manager. She also has worked with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Her experience as a Commercial Diver, 200H Yoga Alliance accredited Yoga  Instructor, Warriors at Ease Instructor Level 1, Trauma based yoga instructor, and is certified Mental Health First Aid. She is a certified wellness/life coach, and conducts wellness workshops. She is an invaluable asset to the programs guiding principals. 

Chris Power

 Chris is a 16 year veteran with the Canadian Military Police who lives in Toronto, Ontario. He has a degree in Politics and Military Psychology and Leadership from the Royal Military College of Canada. He is a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Personal Trainer and the Founder of Family for Life, a Non-Profit community of veterans and first responders who have put service to others before themselves. Chris is also the Director of Client Services at Fortius Health, a clinic that delivers modern, integrated, holistic mental and physical wellness programs to the veteran and first responder community. Chris is a true asset to the programs guiding principals. 

Bruno Guevremont

Bruno is a 15 year veteran who lives in Victoria B.C, is a Veteran, North Pole Explorer, Entrepreneur, Coach, and Invictus Games and Bell Let's Talk Ambassador.  He is a published author of his book THE UNBROKEN, and is a coveted public speaker on mental health issues. 

Starr Cummings

 Starr is our retreat Yoga Alliance Accredited 200H Yoga Instructor specializing in: Trauma Based Yoga & Warriors at Ease Instructor Level 1. She is a Lead Adventure Guide, PADI  Dive Instructor, Certified Rescue Diver and  POUND fitness instructor. She is a CPR, First Aid, Mental Health First Aid, Wilderness First Aid, and  Emergency First Responder qualified. Starr's wellness workshop of art thearapy is a highlight of creativity to our program. She dedicated her career to the health and wellness of the military and their families. 

Deo Fausto

Deo is Tablas Islands Local Expert on Retreat Excursions. Cultural Events, and Island History. He is a certified Free Diver, Certified CPR and Wilderness CPR. We are honoured to have him donate his time to our program since 2015, showcasing all our islands treasures to particpants.

Tom Powell

Tom is a retired US Navy SEAL. During his military career he served at the Tier 1/2 levels having performed as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Anti and counter terrorism, MOUT, CQB and Maritime Operations.

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William Beck

MS William Beck, is a current serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces since 2010.  He has served in 3 Tours over seas: Operation Reassurance, Operation Caribe, and Operation Trident Fury.

Joining the team in dedication to his father Wayne Cummings and in doing so has dedicated to help others with their challenges and wellness to all past and current served members.

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