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How It All Began

Alliance Veteran Retreat is a partnership between Cummings Highlands Eco Resort Inc. and Katahimikan Yoga. Wayne Cummings, a 25-year Canadian Army Veteran and his dedicated military family, owns and operates the facilities. After Wayne's healing experience in Tablas Island, Philippines, the family developed the idea for the retreat. The entire family also experienced the positive effects the island had to offer.

"Our goal was then to share this healing experience in a safe environment that promotes camaraderie and trust. We wanted this retreat to be 100% non-profit. It is our way to give back to those who have given so much." -Wayne Cummings

Our mentors are both active and retired military personnel and first responders from Canada and the USA, who generously give their time to this program. The retreat is held on Tablas Island in Romblon Province, Philippines. It offers the ideal balance of convenience and nature that allows participants to experience the peace and healing of an organic environment. The highlands are surrounded by coconut trees and the ocean. This is only the beginning, as participants embark on their 14-day retreat, the adventurers will be able to experience the native culture and lifestyle of the Philippines. The program offers adventure and camaraderie, as well as trust, open dialogue and communication with peers. It also includes meditation and yoga for calm healing. Each activity is supervised by mentors who are familiar with the daily challenges that injuries can cause.

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