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Todd M.

"Personally, I cannot give this program a higher recommendation for veterans in the process of recovery. The island is an ideal getaway, the team (and confidence) building is fantastic, the structure is loose, but extremely well run and dynamic. The hotel/farm/HOME of Cynthia and Wayne is brilliant, accommodations are fun, and the ENTIRE staff is superb. Highest recommendation from me, and if anyone has any questions about the experience from a ‘graduate’, please don’t hesitate to reach out."

Ann F.

"Attending this two-week retreat with other veterans has given me the opportunity to improve my view of self and the surrounding world.  To narrow down my realistic goals, wants and needs and how do these fit in my current life.  I was able to overcome minor challenges that in my view were tremendous and also tackle new ones put forth which is mainly due to the presence of my peers and the positive, supportive surroundings.  Boarding the plane alone was the first major challenge to surmount but once my mind was convinced that I needed to do something else than what I was “prescribed” by professionals in the past 5 years, then it was go from here.  This program is not rigid, rather it is led by other veterans who know what we are going through and understand our mentality of having been proud soldiers and now on our own to try to find peace and seek happiness in a world of aliens who don’t quite understand.  The cohesion of our military family is gone and for me, it was very difficult to fit in in my community and to try to move on.  This experience has given me so much in terms of healing and moving on because this is my health which is priceless.  Thanks so much Cindy, Starr, Wayne and Jani for caring for your fellow veterans." 

Chris P.

"If you are looking for adventure with a team of people that 'get it (PTSD/OSI)', look no further than the Alliance Veteran Retreat. You will swim in waterfalls, explore caves, meet locals, taste local cuisine, snorkel around protected coral, teambuilding exercises, relax with yoga, witness beautiful sunsets and more...

Most days the program runs until dinner, with the evenings being your own to socialize with new friends and to reflect on the day's activities.

The physical and mental demands aren't overly strenuous, and you will have guides and mentors the whole way, but it's important that this retreat isn't the first stop on your mental wellness journey.

So, if you've worked with a mental health professional and perhaps attended a therapy-based program and you're ready for a life changing adventure, the Alliance Veteran Retreat could be exactly what you're looking for.

Velta V.

"Back home & really missing this Special Place!
Biggest thanks to Cynthia, Wayne, Starr& Jani who provided the amazing location, opportunity & encouragement for growth & healing. Your mission was accomplished.
I took home a kernel of inner peace and some tools to keep it alive. To fellow Vets that attended thanks so much for being there & helping each other - the journey continues, pick your path with courage & be well. To others considering this retreat - jump at the chance. It is a place of healing.

Special thanks to the amazing staff at Cummings Highland Resort & Guide Extraordinaire -Deo who were all in with the program.

Tom W.

"Thank you, Alliance Veterans Retreat, hosted by Wayne & Cynthia Cummings, Starr Cummings, mentor Jani Drew for sharing your world with us and for working towards giving people an opportunity to come together and heal. Thank you for the camaraderie and new friendships. I wish this program great success as it’s nice to see people who care about providing a positive atmosphere for others to heal and grow from. The video looks amazing and does beautiful justice to how incredible the Philippines islands are for grounding and inspiring beauty."

Bruno G.

" I recently was part of this great Adventure retreat for Veterans and 1st a responders. It was absolutely amazing! First making the trip to the Philippines. Then being surrounded by loving and caring brothers and sisters. This is definitely something I recommend. Thank you, Wayne  and Cynthia Cummings for creating this out of sheer passion and love!"

Michelle T. 

"I Participated in Roto 0 of “Alliance Adventure Retreat” while on an extended vacation in the Philippines. The 10-day adventure encompassed team building, communication, trust, the empowerment of oneself and so much more. Strangers with PTSD and OSI’s were guided by mentors, program facilitators and the creators of this incredible project, once strangers and now connected for life through this journey! It is a journey that started a healing process for me. I fell in love with the people, this beautiful island and most importantly with myself again.

In the future I have hopes of returning as a mentor to help other Veterans and Emergency Services personnel. To help them see that there can be life afterwards and to show them they still have that strength within themselves."

Richard N.

In February of 2019, I took part in Alliance Adventure Retreat, a retreat for people whose occupations expose them to experiences that, by standard definition, are not typical workplace exposures. Military, police, disaster management, first responders, and many more occupations who willingly face situations that are ugly and painful and sad, so that others might not have to endure them. These are the people the AAR recruits to become team members in a supportive and challenging environment, that focuses on peer support and healing. We all need support, and we all need healing in our own way.


The program is structured so you can do as much or as little as you feel comfortable doing. There is no pressure, no expectations, no punch lists, it’s just you and the people and animals around you that support you. You will quickly learn that support is a two-way street. For every shoulder you lean on or hand you hold, someone is leaning on yours as well. It is empowering not only to complete the physical challenges that take us back to our “kick ass” days but to know our participation is assisting others who need our support. Asking for help can be a very hard thing to do, but offering help comes so easy and it heals every bit as effectively.


If you are struggling; if you are lost; if you are hiding; if you are faking; grab a backpack and get your ass to this retreat. It saves lives! Please be a part of that."

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