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Our Mission

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Our Mission

To assist fostering the bridge between "living" and "living well" through physical activity, workshops, mindfulness and adventures. Our program design assists in bringing back the respect and camaraderie your career promoted through activities in a structured environment. We engage participants in "get your sweat on" program, balanced with mindfulness, workshops and tasks that encourage team building and personal accomplishment. We want to help you with additional tools to work through the tough days, with mentors who understand. 

What to Expect

While settling into the organic rhythm of our island retreat is relaxing, our peer mentors work with you and your group to engage you and get your body moving and thinking in a team setting.  Our Adventure Retreat reaches the mountain tops of Mt. Guiting Guiting on the island of Sibuyan, Mt. Payaopao in San Augustin, Tablas Island, to the ocean floors of the only  Blue Hole in the Philippines. Our mindfulness, yoga and meditation program is an essential element incorporated into our daily activities to help balance, ground and create present awareness for the participants. 


AVR's program itinerary was created to promote camaraderie, a key element that is not always understood in a civilian population, but is the cornerstone of our program fundamentals.  Trust is established though team activities, communication and open dialogue are encouraged and respected.     AVR's program will safely challenge you, and with mentor and peer support , participants integrate workshop tools for the  adventure task  to reach or obtain the objective of the day.  


It is well proven that men and women are positively impacted when surrounded  by nature, so with our native location, participants are immersed in both nature and culture.  We invite you to step into this unforgettable experience that assists you in gaining additional building blocks for your ongoing recovery.  Let us help to restore confidence and re -establish connections, communication, and dialogue with the important people in your life.  


Trust. Camaraderie. Communication. Respect.

Above the Clouds
And We're Off...


Now Taking Applications for ROTO 3 April 11-25, 2023

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