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If You're Ready, We're Ready

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Thank you for your service.


Are you struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Injury or an Operational Stress Injury? Anxiety, depression, anger, disassociation or other symptoms of trauma? Is your family life affected? Trouble making or maintaining relationships?


We Are You.

Like many of you, the military has been my life since I was 19. I am a proud Canadian Armed Forces Veteran with 25 years of service. I have served with comrades who suffer from issues associated with PTSI & OSI related to their military service.  We understand that you may not wish to share your thoughts, idea's, triggers, personal situations, with your friends and family.  We understand that you may feel judged, ashamed, or betrayed by a once strong mind and body.  We understand that words transform to the physical, and thus at times may be perceived as "weakness" or " trivial".  We understand this. We know it. We have been there, or we are there working through it like you.

They Are Not You. We Understand That.

We understand that some days, despite your ability to work or socialize, sit with your family, kiss your children, eat dinner at the table, or converse with your neighbor, at times, you really are consumed with self-doubt or reoccurring negative or self-destructive thoughts. We understand that you need to feel safe in a world that doesn't quite understand what it's like to have been in a life of camaraderie. To rely on that team to have your back, keep you safe and protect you. That was their duty and yours. 


We understand that you have been in many countries, ungodly places, seen things, had tasks, both positive and negative, that is just not understood by civilians.  Only to one day have it just gone along with the memories of who you were, and what you sacrificed for your country.  We understand that this can be extremely difficult.  Oneself, identity, rank, respect, "military family", and just who we are as regular men and women are changed and have created overwhelming realities.


Our Goal Is To Give Back.  

We want to ensure that we share our experiences, relate to you with the compassion and dignity you deserve to support your courage in this fight. Many veterans are uncomfortable to take the first step, acceptance. Some sadly make themselves forgotten, so many seem to have been pushed aside. Many feel the first step often is too overwhelming, with difficult obstacles to complete. There are so many reasons our brothers and sisters are having difficulties, making it paramount for us to begin to reach out to help where we can. 

We understand it can be extremely difficult and that's why we are here for you. We want to give back to you, by sharing our failures and success stories, to help you with that determination and spirit we know is within you. We want to connect with you, and if you think this program could be for you, then let's talk!  Let me assure you that its 100% confidential, and the first step is just to talk. 


We're Here To Help.

The inception of the AVR program began in 2015 , we are proudly in our 5th year hosting wellness retreats for veterans and first responders. We have developed a positive network of military and first responders, who are willing to donate thier time and expertise to the program outline. 


Our goal is to foster positive life skills, through adventure, team building, wellness though yoga and meditation focused on the importance of trust and camaraderie, in a supportive and understanding setting. 

All We Need Is You. We Are Waiting, and We Welcome You.

Researchers at Loughborough University have reviewed multiple clinical studies that looked at the impact of sport and physical activity, meditation and yoga on combat veterans diagnosed with PTSD.

Their findings: "physical activity coupled with meditation enhances well-being in veterans by reducing symptoms and improving coping strategies".

Symptom reduction in these studies seems to occur through a renewed sense of determination and hope, increased quality of life, and the cultivation of positive self-identity. The researchers explain that participating in sports and physical activities in a supportive setting helps combat veterans gain or regain a sense of achievement.


Who Can Apply. 

We welcome all applicants from Canada, USA, and the UK, who are past or present military or first responders suffering from Operational Stress Injuries, or PTSI.  

We accept applicants who have previously participated in a primary care program and are in the managing stages of their injury.  If you are mobile, (even with injuries) and participate in some type of physically active lifestyle is ideal. This requirement is due to the program design.  You don't have to run marathons, but we do offer some positive challenging adventure experiences. You, with your  group will be crossing rivers, rappelling in caves, snorkeling & diving in the bluest of oceans, paddle boarding, kitesurfing, sailing, and then balanced by workshops, yoga and calm of meditation. So, if you're ready, we're ready for you.


All we ask is from our adventurer guests is a determination and will to succeed. We'll support you with your team to get you there.

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