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At Alliance Veteran PTSD Retreat, we provide a peer-support based adventure wellness program for veterans. Our mentors are our amazing facilitators to set the stage for success, while adding additional support if required. We help veterans build connectedness and establish trust through adventure activities and personal growth workshops. Yoga and meditation are key components of our program to further aid in relaxation, mindfulness, and self-discovery. Our retreats are designed to create an environment that cultivates both individual and collective healing.

 Let's now get started by sharing some key details about our program.    

 Intake documents documents required for the program include:

  1. Medical Form (Must be signed  by your attending  Psychologist, Psychiatrist or family doctor to confirm you are medically able to attend the program)

  2. About Me 

  3. Media Release

  4. Liability Release

  5. Veteran Identification

  6. Emergency Contact

  7. Medical Insurance with Covid - 19  Coverage

  •  Alliance Veterans Retreat is a unique tertiary peer-support based adventure wellness program. Mentors are our amazing facilitators to set the stage for success, while adding additional support if required.  However our success is based on a peer support program.

  • The ROTO  team, mentors and staff feel connected and establish trust through adventure activities and personal growth workshops.

  • Workshops have been carefully created to promote resilience, empowerment and reflection as well as strategies for continued wellness success.

  • Yoga and meditation are specifically designed to treat PTSD. They enhance gentle exercise and prana breath, which reduce anxiety and create stillness in the mind. This provides tools to help you reduce stress.

  • Participants can give back to the community and feel a sense that they have a greater purpose through our community outreach.

  • Working with your hands is a powerful way to build team and sustain organic living. The program's calming and grounding effects include learning about local culture and spending time in nature with its organic and sustainable gardens.

  • Mentors are there to support personal growth by helping people re-establish their vital aspects.

  • For those who require extra companionship, our program has unofficial onsite emotional support dogs.

Program Costs

At our veteran 10 Day Retreat, we offer a comprehensive and all-inclusive program at Cummings Highlands Resort in Tuguis, Looc, Romblon. Our program costs just $1700.00 CDN (excluding airfare) for 10 days of restorative wellness activities, adventure programming, yoga classes, and delicious meals. Please note that due to the nature of the program, its location, and distance to travel, we do not accept service dogs.


At Alliance Veteran PTSD Retreat, we offer an opportunity for veterans to come together and heal emotionally, mentally and physically. Our team is devoted to providing the best alternative wellness retreat possible and we are passionate about helping veterans find peace and healing.

We understand that circumstances can arise that make it difficult to attend the retreat. For this reason, we offer a refund of 50% ($850.00 CDN) if the following conditions are met :

  • Provide a medical letter from your medical professional (mental health specialist) explaining why you are withdrawing,

  • Provide written notice of official withdrawal no later than 6 months from the program start date.

Your program cost covers:

  • 10 day accommodations

  • 10 days of programming/workshops

* all transfers, excursions costs, boat transfer, workshops, and equipment for the duration of the program

  • 10 days of meals: 3xper day (excluding alcohol & tobacco)

  • Morning Trauma Informed Yoga Classes

  • Evening Meditation Classes

  • Therapeutic Massage (paid service)


Your Welcome Pkg to include:

  • 1 Program ROTO 3 Shirts

  • Journal

  • AVR coin (for program use)

  • Local snacks


Inquire Today About ROTO 4

200 Marys Turnaround

Nanaimo BC

V9B 2E3

250 857 5901

Thanks for submitting!

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